GLBT Discrimination:
Discriminating people for their sexual orientation, such as being gay, lesbian, bisexualm or tansgender.

"Boy-Girl Discrimination":
Discriminating someone for their sexual make-up.

Religious Prejudice:
Discrimination against a different religiouse group or beliefe.
Discrimination of Race:
To dislike or take hostile action upon beings of a different race.
Discrimination Against Children:
The beliefe that an adolecent cannot contribute or equal to the same amount as an adult.
Love the World Today

.“This is why I'm pouring my heart out to you to make this a better world, not the kind of world I loved in. Not with hate, ... All I want from you is to bring up your own children (without) hate. I beg of you. That is all I want.” ~ David Faber, Holocaust survivor

Different Types of Hate

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